Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Direction

There's been a big change in the weather the last few days. Not that we've gotten the rain we need so badly. It's just cooler. 50 degrees or lower the last two mornings.

Those who have followed this blog from the beginning know there's been a change in its focus too. During the less scheduled days of summer I felt free enough to write on a wide variety of topics. Now I'm mostly focused on what is coming up this fall.

I don't know what will become of this effort in days and weeks to come. I doubt if I'll stop because I have found it helpful to be writing. Later today, for example, I plan to do some writing in connection with my upcoming sermon series on "Call."

That's what I plan to do, but I can't guarantee I'll get to it later, so here's a preview:

The gospel text assigned for this Sunday talks about "taking up" one's cross. Some people look at carrying one's "cross" as meaning handling the suffering we can't avoid in this life, whether it's a difficult family or job situation or health. But I think it's more accurate to say that when Jesus' refers to his cross (and ours) he's really talking about his purpose, to seek and save the lost (Lk 19:10), a purpose which led to suffering.

When we follow our Lord and the call he puts into our life, it will lead to suffering. Not because we seek suffering, but because the purpose God has put into our hearts through his Word and Holy Spirit inevitably leads to conflict with the powers of this present darkness (Ephes. 6:12).

So, fall brings a new direction. It's my prayer that we would all follow our Lord's call without fear.

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