Friday, August 29, 2008

God's Promise in Suffering

Because we are not greater than our master we will suffer when we follow Jesus. That's a promise. Suffering isn't proof of discipleship, but we shouldn't be surprised when we suffer while being obedient to our Lord.

With school just around the corner, I'm thinking about how often young people suffer from bullying and backbiting. Adults suffer too when they are defamed.

This Sunday's Jeremiah 15 reading (verses 15-21) speaks clearly about what we should do when that happens. "I will make you... a fortified wall of bronze... for I am with you, to save you and deliver you."

God's promise is to save us "from the hand of the wicked" and rescue us "from the grasp of the ruthless." It might not happen right away, but victory will come.

We know this because of the one we follow, who suffered for our sake, and who was and will be victorious over the enemy in the end. Praise the Lord when you are considered worthy to suffer for doing God's will as Jesus' follower, because his victory will be yours.

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