Monday, August 4, 2008

The Madeline

It's Monday morning in Duluth. I'm up here with mom and dad. I walked down this morning to Canal Park and saw the "Madeline" motor under the lift bridge. She was under sail but didn't cut the engine until she was out of the harbor. The Madeline is a reconstruction of a mid-19th century schooner, "typical of the trading schooners that once sailed the Upper Great Lakes."

During one of last week's presentation to adults at family camp, Craig Nissen asked us to imagine a boat on the water. Then he asked each of us to imagine where we were and where Jesus is. In my mind I was in a sailboat and Jesus was in the wind.

Where is the wind of Jesus blowing in your life? Will we look for the signs and let the Lord give us the energy we need? Will we look for where God is active in our lives and in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ? Or will we try to motor under our own power? See Letting God do the Work and stay tuned for more on this subject.

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