Friday, August 8, 2008

Many Paths?

Take a look at what Cal Thomas wrote in this article (click on the word "article").

One paragraph says:
If there are many paths to heaven, Jesus suffered and died for nothing. He could have stayed in heaven, sent down a book of sayings and avoided crucifixion. Orthodox Christians have always believed -- and their Bible teaches them -- there is only one path to heaven and it is through Jesus Christ and him alone.

The good news is that the one through whom we are saved is supremely loving, marvelously forgiving, and immensely generous to sinners like me and you. So we come to him with great joy!

By the way, the word "orthodox" has two meanings. Above, Cal Thomas uses "orthodox" as a synonym for "real," saying that Christians who don't believe that "there is only one path to heaven" aren't believing according to "real" Christianity. Below, when I'm talking about my visit to Russian Orthodox churches, I'm referring to a particular church denomination.

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  1. I thought I might get a comment or two on this post. Even I have a certain nuance I'd like to add. The problem with Cal's position is that he seems to put more emphasis on Jesus being a "path" than on Jesus as a PERSON who seeks us. We are not saved "by" our faith. Our faith is the assurance that we are being saved by someone else, namely, Jesus. Having faith keeps us from seeking our own (dead end) way.