Friday, July 6, 2018

Sharing Rio Pardinho -- and Jesus

Toni went down (to Northfield) to see her parents this morning so the house was empty when I got home, except, of course, for old Charlie the Dog. I saw my mom and dad last night after my PM shift. It's the second, and last, work day of this week. I was off work from Saturday through July 4 (Wednesday). I am glad to be back to the regular routine... even though the "regular routine" doesn't leave as much time as I would like for things like this -- writing.

The most interesting, and to me, exciting, thing that's happened in the last day or so is that suddenly one of my facebook posts -- an "album" of photos that were taken of people and places in Rio Pardinho Brazil -- one that I posted 4½ years ago -- was suddenly discovered by quite a few more people who have personal connections with that little locale. If you'd like to have a look at the photos, click here.
As always my hope and prayer is that the Lord Jesus would be known through everything I write, everything I share, and everything I do. As you, or others, look at these photos, I hope the love of Jesus for people everywhere will shine through -- not just for those who are well known, or those who are nearby.

Where is "Rio Pardinho"? It's located on the Pardinho River (hence its name) in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. When I lived there most of the inhabitants were descendants of German immigrants, families that came to the area beginning in 1852. I lived there for about seven months in 1983 and 1984. It was a great experience. Toni and I have been back there to visit twice, once when our daughter Naomi was a baby, and then again when our kids were teenagers. I would love to go again.

So how can Jesus Christ be lifted up when people see these pictures on facebook? A few people who've seen, and liked :) them are folks who I knew when I lived there, and I hope they will remember my witness to Jesus when I was there. Others, I hope, will take a look at what else I post on facebook, or maybe even find their way to this blog. I don't intentionally "use" social media as a witnessing (or evangelistic) platform, but I do hope and pray that everything I share there will, directly or indirectly, shine with the love of the One who loves us more than anyone else ever could.

Time to go out and finish the last bit of mowing. Toni did most of the back yard yesterday, so here's a lot less to do than usual.

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