Monday, June 11, 2018

Stages and Routes

It's a quarter to eight in the evening. Toni is visiting her dad in the hospital. Her mom, Jo, is with her. Toni and Jo will be back here for the night later on. By the time they get back I might be in bed. I had a long day with my alarm waking me at 4 AM.

I started new routes today. The "3" in the morning, east toward downtown St. Paul and then west back to downtown Minneapolis, and the "22" in the evening, south to Veterans Hospital, and then north through Mpls and Brooklyn Park. I enjoyed both AM and PM duties.

Our parents are in a difficult stage of life. Toni and I are in a "sandwich" with elders to care for and young grandchildren too. I believe God gives us challenges in every stage so we'll keep growing and depending on him.

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