Friday, June 8, 2018

Big Thoughts, Little Time

I'm taking a couple minutes to write something, though I think I'd like to write more. Jon, Breanna and the girls are coming tonight and then we've got other family coming over tomorrow, so there will be little time for this. There's a long list of "to do"s that has nothing to do with guests, and that's not getting done as I write either.

Here are some things that's been rolling around in my head, and in my heart. When I can find time I'll write more:

Posted on twitter on May 6:
It seems that some old friends of mine don't want to talk about significant issues. It's sad how polarized we've become. How can we discern truth if various perspectives aren't listening, speaking with love and care, asking questions, sharing answers, exploring the grey areas?
Written on a facebook group page on June 1 -- the group page is for men and women who have some connection with the "evangelical renewal district" of church denomination that I'm officially "retired" from:
Hello all. I haven't connected with this group, or any LCMC group, for a long time. I'm driving now for Metro Transit, it's been 3 years. My wife Toni and I are participating in Roseville Covenant Church though we're not members there. On Sunday I happened to worship at an LCMC church when we were out of town. The message and worship were balm for my soul. I was in tears. Afterwards was sobbing even though I was okay. I think there is grief inside me, not about me personally, but about people in communities I served over the years who seem to have drifted from the faith. Some of it is due, I'm sure, to the post modern times we live in. I'd like to share more if anyone has interest, but it's time for me to head out the door for my second shift. I drive AM and PM rush hours. Peace in Jesus' precious name.
Added the next day after someone in the group invited me to say more:
I care a lot about truth. I remember this coming up in my certification interview. This was in 1985, back when "LNTS" was certifying MDiv seniors for ordination in the ALC. One of the two professors in the interview remarked that I care more about truth than love. I don't think that's true, but I certainly have accented truth and appreciate very much when others are willing to engage on the level of "truth" even when feelings get hurt. Here's an except from page 1 of the aforementioned essay.
I'm hoping to find time to write more about this, and, hopefully, to have some face to face conversations. We'll see. But, for now, I need to get to other tasks, and then get back to my Metro Transit job shortly after 2.

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