Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Chores

It's ten o'clock on a Saturday evening as I begin to write. Toni should be here soon. She's on her way back home from a quick trip to Northfield. She spent the afternoon and part of the evening there with her parents. Toni's dad, Dick, is staying in a "care center" attached to the "independent living" apartments that he and Jo moved to a couple years ago. It was a wise move and we're thankful that both Dick and Jo are being supported in ways that suit their needs, and that they aren't too far from one another. It's just a long walk for Jo (with her walker) through the hallways to and from Dick's room. We're hoping that Dick will get strong enough, soon, to move back "home," and that they both will be able to get back to where they want to be this summer: their cabin on Durphee Lake.

from October 2016
I spent almost all of this weekend day on a variety of small chores and projects that needed doing around the house, finally getting around to finishing the landscaping around the egress window that Dick helped me put in almost 2 years ago. Here's a pic I took while he was chiseling out the last bits of concrete. Dick did all the finish work on the inside, in addition to building the wooden frame that the window fit into. He has always been a great craftsman, and I'm sure he wishes he could be doing chores like this now. Instead, Toni and Jo and the staff at the care center are helping take care of him. Such big changes in a short time.

As I go through my life, I hope I can be a servant like Dick.

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