Thursday, October 22, 2015

Never for $

Yesterday morning, over on facebook, a wise younger friend posted verses from First Timothy chapter 6. It immediately resonated with something I've been praying over for a very long time, something that has come even more into focus since I've stopped being paid by churches for my work.

The line that stood out particularly was the last one of verses quoted in the photo I grabbed off facebook early this morning. There's a warning here about Christians who "think that godliness is a means to financial gain."

There are many situations to which that phrase could be applied, but the one that hits closest to home is what I wrote in my comment:
"...some men and women look forward to getting employment with religious or spiritual organizations... for the purpose of financial security."
As I get ready to go to my work today, I think about how much more secure I was in a worldly sense when I was employed by churches. The verse from First Timothy 6 is a warning for me just in case I ever want to go back into the church world in order to benefit financially. Of course, the Lord could call me to service in that way, and in First Timothy 5 we read that elders who labor at preaching and teaching should be paid for their work. But money should never be the reason for seeking that "call."

Time to run!

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