Sunday, October 25, 2015

Expanding Family

Late this afternoon and early evening we enjoyed having family here at our home here on Lydia Avenue in Roseville. Naomi & Tim & Dan have gone home now, but it very good to be together for as long as we could be. Jon, Breanna & Lydia are staying the night.

In the backyard right now the student who lives with us here and 7-8 friends are enjoying a little campfire. Another young man will be moving into the house soon. Our landlord is remodeling downstairs to add another bedroom so he can join us.

We so much love having people around here. If we buy a more permanent place we'd like to make it large enough to have others live with us again, maybe renting rooms to young adults like Paul Anderson is doing now here.

With all this we've been taking baby steps to connect with a "church family" beyond our own house. Toni and I are looking for the Lord's way for us in this. We're thankful for those who are praying with us and for us at this time of our lives. Those pray-ers are a part of our family too...

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