Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next Saturday!

This went out as an email yesterday (Friday) morning. I wrote it to our kids but then added a few other family members to the "to:" line -- and then added some folks from the Cokato area too who I thought might like to help or who are otherwise involved with what's going on these days. I'm sure some weren't included. Please know that wasn't intentional at all. Because I'm living mostly in Minneapolis these days I don't see folks here (in Cokato) as often as I do otherwise. Life is pretty full!

Good morning Naomi! Dan! Jon! and others that I just decided to add to this... Good morning to all!

Things are coming together for our big move. We decided now to do everything on Saturday Sep. 5, except getting things our of your mom's (Toni's) office.

Thank you in advance for your help when you're available! Please let us know when you can and if you're aware of others who might help please let us know. Last night she and I talked about starting at 9 AM on Sep. 5 but I think I'm going to say we'll start between 8 and 9 because some people in Cokato might want to come earlier. It's just how Cokato is. (I was surprised by that when we first moved to Cokato in 2005. Getting up early on Saturday morning seems to be a Cokato thing.)

This weekend Matt Dahlseng is coming over (at around 8 on Saturday) to help move stuff out of Toni's office onto our little trailer. (Originally I'd asked him and Walt and Nicholas to help move the piano etc., but that's been postponed until Sep 5. Walt & Nicholas aren't available that day so they're off the hook. Matt is a young man from the Dassel-Cokato area who graduated from HS in May.)

 So next weekend we'll have both a 16 foot truck from Delano Rental and a 53 foot semi trailer from K-Way Express thanks to Mark Kuhlmann!) at our house in Cokato. We'll put the piano, the freezer, the things from Toni's office and maybe a few other things that we'll want to use in the next few weeks into the 16 foot truck and the rest in the semi.

I heard through the grapevine that some folks from Cokato are offering to provide lunch. Thank you!

Then, I think in the early afternoon -- or maybe in the late morning -- we'll take the 16 foot truck and deliver the piano, freezer and Toni's office stuff etc. to Naomi & Tim's and Toni's office Roseville. (I'm not sure at this moment where the piano is going... Originally it was going to Lisa and Jon's but that may have changed.)

Everything else in regard to our move is coming together. The VA appraisal is today. Closing on the Cokato house is scheduled for Sep 9. Assuming today's appraisal goes well the only thing that needs to happen before closing (as far as I know) is the sewer work. It's great to have a realtor handling details there.

We'll be needing your help again at a date as yet to be set for sure... sometime around Sep 20 we'll be moving into a house that Paul Anderson is buying (at 1490 Lydia Ave. W. in Roseville).

Thank you so much in advance. Write back with any questions. I'm sure I missed something or someone.

Love, Dad (Steve Thorson)

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