Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time for Sharing

We're really enjoying our time together as a family up at the Dahlin family cabin.  It's not a simple family time.  Many of us, including me, are dealing with challenges that are new to us and we're spending some time, amid the card playing and swimming and eating, talking about things that are truly important and even critical for our lives and our futures.  I appreciate both: the fun and the "talks."

I'm taking these days to be here even though I've certainly got many other things I could be doing back home.  Technology allows me to "work" even when I'm away, and I've been doing some of that up here--praying and studying, planning and communicating, and now some writing.  I've been calling in daily to the church office, keeping up with emails and other forms of connection.  Those things don't take much time though.  I still have hours of the day to spend enjoying life and talking with these family members, some of the people I love very much.

Do you have people who you can share with?  Are there friends and family members who you trust with most parts of your life?  Can you be honest with them?  Do you know they will care enough to listen and pray with you? 

If you can't say "yes" to those things, I'd like to suggest that you take these things to the Lord in prayer and then take a risk to take time off from your work and individual entertainment and shift that time over to "quality time" with people that you think could probably fill that void in your life. 

This requires faith and obedience to God's command about "sabbath" time.  It requires faith because  when you take time away you won't be making money or taking care of home or business.  But, honestly, it's worth it.  Pray about it and, if you want, talk with me about praying with you.

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