Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grateful for Jesus

The following went out within the past hour to the Crossroads Community Church email list.  Since that time I heard that there has been another accidental death--right here in the Dassel-Cokato Community--this time work related.  OH MY PEOPLE PRAY!

Crossroads Friends -


Today Toni and I heard that song.  We were together with dozens of friends and family at a boat landing on the St. Croix River.  The singer was a dear friend, the mother of a young man who sadly died yesterday.  Please pray for the Taylors Falls community and for the Vitalis family as they grieve and witness to the grace of God through Jesus Christ--grace that brings songs--grace that everyone needs to know.

We made a quick trip to "TF" last night upon hearing that dear 20 year old Alex was missing in the river.  We've now returned... very tired, stunned, so sad, but so grateful for the good news of Jesus Christ.

Please redouble your prayers for all who do not have the assurance of knowing Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  Especially continue your prayers for Muslim people* during this season.  The Muslim people do not believe in Jesus as their Savior -- but He IS their Savior none-the-less -- the ONLY one in whom anyone on earth can place their hope and trust and faith.  Prayer for the Muslim world can be found at crossroadscokato.com/30-days

Thank you to all who, on Sunday, contributed prayer requests for OUR country.  As we witness to others we must pray that our own country will better reflect the ONE SAVIOR of the world.  Please pray for the ministry of Crossroads Community Church too... please... every day!


Pastor Steve Thorson

* Our little church is joining with thousands of others during this season of Ramadan to pray for the Muslim peoples of the world.

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