Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sweet Correction

There is no sin, no error, no mistake that cannot be totally redeemed by God.  When something or someone is redeemed, that means there is greater good than there would have been before we sinned or fell into error.  Jesus' work on the Cross makes that possible.  He turns the dead lead of our sin to living gold.

When we know the greatness of God's compassion and the power of His forgiveness, we will never hesitate to admit our sin and seek God's correction.  And when we seek God's correction we will find it.  And there is nothing better than being corrected by God.  Sins that have been corrected by God shine with a light that cannot be extinguished.

Oh the glory of repentance!  Oh the glory of changing one's life to follow Jesus in every way!  How wonderful when God breathes his Holy Spirit into us, giving us a soft heart ready and willing to obey!

Those who habitually seek God's correction will be great men and women of God.  There is indeed greater good that can come through any fall when we're willing to get on our knees before God and change our ways.  That's how we become master students of our Lord.

If we have a hard time seeking God's correction, if you have a hard time exchanging your own ways for God's, check to see if you're really in connection with both the reality of your sin and the greater reality of God's work for us on the cross.  God has been so kind to you.  You have nothing to fear from admitting the truth to him now.

Perhaps listening to the message the Lord gave me last Sunday (Aug 26) based on John 8:2-11 could be of some help.  Go to  The message begins about a half hour into the worship hour you'll find recorded there.

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