Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reset Your Identity

Jesus wants you.  Jesus demonstrates this as He calls ordinary people and remakes them into his partners, his co-laborers, his friends.  His call goes out far and wide.  There is no one rejected by our Lord.  He has already decided to make you new.

Even so, you can choose to reject his call.  You can turn away.  How sad it is when you who Jesus has redeemed by his own blood choose not to listen.  How tragic when you somehow make peace with rebellion.

Sadly, religion sometimes is the means by which people peacefully say no to God.  Saying yes to Jesus means saying no to false peace.  Jesus never leaves you just as you are.  He loves you in a way that will change you.  I hope you're not caught in a religious life that makes you satisfied with anything other than following the Lord's call and knowing yourself as beloved in His sight.

But even if you have said no to him before, God still wants you.  Jesus wants you today.  Jesus continues to stand at the door and knock.  He continues to stand by the seashore, saying "Come, follow me, I will make you "fishers of men."

Will you turn and follow?  Will you open your heart and let him remake you?  I am praying for you as you read this.  Respond today.  Say the Lord, "Yes, Lord, I will follow you.  I will be yours.  I will leave behind any false comfort.  I will follow you, Jesus, because you want me.  You desire me.  How precious I am in the sight of my God."


Jesus actually gave you a new identity long ago.  He did everything needed to remake you when he did for you on the cross.  At that time you were given a new name.  ... This video does a good job of sharing that truth...

Video from Jason Gray "Remind Me Who I Am" found at http://youtu.be/QSIVjjY8Ou8

Will you receive this new identity or will you turn away?  When you say yes to Jesus he will change you.  Immediately you full receive that new identity.  Immediately you will find that new you that he gained for you on the cross.

There will be a battle to fight.  The devil does not want you to believe you are beloved.  He will continually throw your sins in your face.  But those sins have been washed away.  Jesus will not remind you of them.  Instead, he will continue to remind you that you are his beloved, the one for whom he did everything, the one he chose to die for instead of lose.

When you receive his love, you will be changed.  The Holy Spirit will come in and begin a life-long transformative work.  But even from the beginning you will be brand new.  No need to prove anything to God.  He has already proved his love for you.


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