Saturday, November 19, 2011

What To Say?

How can I choose what to give thanks for?  Every moment, every breath, every part of my body and every aspect of creation makes me want to shout in praise!  The snowfall is worthy of a symphony.  The comfort of a warm home, the beauty of the classical music playing in the background, the computer I'm using to write and publish and prepare for tomorrow, the cars in the driveway, my dear wife's voice in the other room as she is on the phone, the anticipation of tonight at the Godspell musical and tomorrow at Crossroads -- SO MUCH THAT IS WORTHY OF PRAISING AND THANKING GOD!

So what will I say tomorrow at church when there's a chance to speak?  How will I sort out what is worth saying tomorrow in a few words?  My guess is that others might also be asking that same question.  Tomorrow we'll give time for people to share testimonies; people will be encourage to give evidence, from their lives and the lives of those they love, that GOD IS WORTHY OF ALL THANKS AND PRAISE!  How will we decide what to say?

Tomorrow, after we read the scriptures (see Preparing for Thanksgiving) we will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide our words. Then we will trust God to inspire our speaking and our listening. We will ask him to be in control.


One more thing I'm thinking about today as I look out the window of our new home.  I look back over the last year and I am in awe of God's protection and provision.  Last year, at Thanksgiving time, the Lord inspired me to write a piece entitled "Thanksgiving as an Act of Faith."  This year you may be in a spot like we were last year, not really knowing what the future would bring.  As you pray for how you will give thanks this year, I'd encourage you to look back over the past year or more and see how the Lord has led you and kept you safe.  And if things are especially hard this year, take time to count your blessings, knowing that, in the end, God will make everything work out for good.  Cling to that promise and the other promises from the Word of God.  Check out A Quiet Time with God and God's Love Never Fails.  And then take a breath, and give thanks!

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