Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God's Internet Gift

People have communicated at a distance for thousands of years.  During most of history that communication was physically written words on paper or other materials.  During the past few years communication has grown tremendously.  It's mostly electronic communication -- and much of it via the internet.  At the moment I'm chatting via facebook with Andria Jasper, a missionary that our church has supported, someone who came through town on foot but who we kept connection with via the internet.  Now she's in Thailand.  Wow!

Back in the Old Testament there is a story about how God scattered people who had become too proud.  But the Holy Spirit gathers us together again in Jesus' name.  He does that as we gather face to face, but also as we connect by whatever means are provided for, including the internet and other electronic communication. 

Last night I was on the phone with friends in the Twin Cities and Texas, and left a message for friends in Wisconsin.  Other friends connect via email and facebook.  And occasionally someone comments on this blog, either here directly, more often, when I link to the blog via facebook. 

Those connections are so good.  They are ways that the Lord has provided to do battle against isolation and loneliness, isolation and loneliness that can lead to depression and despair unless they are brought into the light.

Unless we step away from face to face interaction, and if we don't avoid talking with people, for example, on the phone, I believe we can praise God for His internet gift.

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