Thursday, November 3, 2011

Note to the Board

The following was sent to the Crossroads Board of Directors this morning.
Good morning all.  According to the church calendar  our next board meeting is on November 10.  ...  ...  Toni and I will sleep at the new house (785 Mooers Ave) tonight for the first time.

The class I am teaching on Wednesday evenings is going well.  If it were possible, someday, to have someone record such classes those who are not able to attend could benefit from them.  With available technology, and if someone was willing to help with it, we could also put the class on the internet at the time it is being taught.  The same is true of our Sunday morning worship.  It just needs a person with the proper skills to be there and willing to make the connections.

Yesterday I had conversations with church and community leaders about the future of the Thrift Store.  It will be moving to another location sometime in 2012 and I'm wondering how we at Crossroads could be of assistance.  The coffee shop is also for sale.  I wonder if some sort of coalition could be put together that would benefit us all and extend our mission. 

On a related topic, I've had conversations about a sort of local "FIRST CALL FOR HELP" that I'd like to see us institute in the Cokato-Dassel area.  I do a lot of that sort of thing already, talking with people in need and referring them for help, and I feel energized by that sort of work.  People who do not have a church family could connect with the church in this way were we to make such a service available.  I have one trained person who is interested in helping and in getting others involved.

If you'll look on the Crossroads facebook page you'll see that I posted a video about addiction and depression.  As we pursue the vision of SETTING PEOPLE FREE TO FOLLOW JESUS IN ALL OF LIFE one of the areas that we'll need to look at is how people with addictions, etc., connect with help and with the peace that comes from a close and personal relationship with the Lord (Covenant) and a good purpose for their lives (Kingdom).  The work we do with meeting needs is also about that purpose, setting people free, for example, from physical needs, so they can move on in their relationship with the Lord and with the responsibilities that he desires to give us.

We did a great job helping with meals on wheels during the last half of October.  Many thanks to the eight or more people who helped deliver meals one or more days.  God is calling us to be involved with ministry to the elderly and handicapped of our community. 

Yesterday, as I went to the Cokato Manor for a visit, I arranged with the director of activities to have our church included on the 2012 calendar for leading worship (occasionally on Wednesday and also, for a month that we'll be assigned, on Sunday mornings) -- we'll also be on the schedule for 2012 special "Communion" services at the Cokato Manor.  As time allows, I'd also like to see us sponsor worship opportunities in the local senior apartment and assisted living facilities.  These things we will do in cooperation with the facility management and other churches.

Toni and I will be moving more things on Friday (day and evening) and Saturday this week.  Give us a call if you would like to help--though we DO have our kids home this weekend so that will be REALLY helpful!

Peace be with you in Jesus' name.

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