Friday, September 16, 2011

Unnecessary Resistance

Last night at huddle* we were challenged to consider how the power of God in and through our lives is encountering resistance.

As I've been praying through this since I find that there are two kinds of resistance, (1) unnecessary resistance, that is, ways in which God's power (see Ephesians 3, especially verse 20) is burned up unnecessarily, and (2) God's purposeful use of power, which is intended to make things happen.

Some of the things God wants us to be directing his power toward may resist Him too, but those purposes are not unnecessary.  I think what God wants us to do is to examine the ways in which his power is dissipated unnecessarily so it can be properly directed toward overcoming the resistance HE chooses.

A bus driving analogy: one could consider the children on the bus to be "resistance" because they add weight to the vehicle (and, at times, stress on the driver!), but removing them so the bus can move more freely would sort of defeat the purpose of the bus.  What we want to do is remove the excess baggage and friction etc.  That's the "unnecessary resistance," not the kids.

More about this later.  I just wanted to get this thought written down.


*A "huddle" is a group of 8-10 Christians who meet regularly.  Marcus Haug is leading Crossroads first huddle.  We have met three times so far.  For more see Huddle Logistics.

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