Friday, September 2, 2011

Send A Missionary (part 3)

The Garden of Hope In Chiang Mai, Thailand
Like many young people, Andria is filled with the Holy Spirit after having been healed and transformed by Jesus Christ. She deeply desires to give her life to mission work, especially among other young people who have suffered abuse and exploitation.

Several, even many, from Crossroads have supported her so far, but time is running out.  She needs several one time gifts or monthly commitments so she can serve with The Garden of Hope in Chiang Mai, Thailand, "a community that protects vulnerable and at-risk children and teenage women from abuse and exploitation in Southeast Asia and equips and enables them to develop maturity and responsibility, bearing fruit for the glory of God."

Unlike many of us, Andria does not have a "home base" of relatives that can support her.  She came to us as one of "Crosswalkers" in 2010 (through that "walk" she experienced what it truly means to trust God) and, then, in July shared a message at Crossroads.

Will you help her?  Every bit helps.  Her deadline is TUESDAY (Sep 6) and she is still in need of about $4000 total in one time gifts or monthly commitments.

Go to "Send A Missionary" to learn more and to find out how to send a donation.  In any case, please pray!

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