Monday, March 7, 2011

Communication is Key

The following video is a good example of bad communication.

Well, yes and no.

I'm sure I've misunderstood others many times.  When I'm at my best, I try to make sure I've heard someone clearly by telling them what I've heard ("I heard you say...") and then asking ("Did I hear you right?)  That lets the person who shared with me correct or clarify what was said.  When I don't do that, I make things more difficult.  Then I need to ask forgiveness and do my best to clarify and correct things after the fact.

Miscommunication will happen.  It's nothing to get panicked about.  It is good, however, to not just "let it slide" but, instead, to get it clarified as quickly as I can. 

I don't know Joe Cocker, so I can't ask him what he really meant to say.  But before I pass on something I've heard you say, I'll try to ask you if I've heard you correctly.  Asking questions to clarify is one way we can truly "get by with a little help from [our] friends."

Communication is key.  As some of us are going through major changes in our lives and in our churches, let's listen carefully, ask questions, and share with others as clearly as we can.  When something seems a bit "odd" or strange, use that feeling to recognize that perhaps something needs yet more clarification.

Communication is close to God's heart.  God's Son is the Word and God created through the Word.  In a scripture many heard yesterday, Matthew 17:1-9, God told us to LISTEN to Jesus.  We do that as we prayerfully read scripture and then enter into conversation with others, seeking clear understanding.

We will never understand God completely.  We will always have questions to ask.  But, as is true in our communication about other things, we will be able to share enough of God's Truth to help others.  Sticking close to the center of God's heart--his heart that we see and hear in Jesus Christ--a heart full of forgiving love... Staying close to God's heart will help us communicate in a way that truly helps our friends.

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