Sunday, March 27, 2011

April 1 - "I'm No Fool"

At church today we heard from a young woman who met Jesus through the ministry of a Christian metalcore band. In our area we are privileged to have a music venue called The Upper Room where young people can come just as they are. Some are met there by Jesus Christ.
What is the Upper Room?
The Upper Room is a cool new venue, and so much more at 461 3rd St., Dassel, MN. It is a place for young people to 1) Express themselves in a SAFE environment through the arts (mostly music); 2) to be Involved in the operation of the venue, and other things relating to the arts and activities of the venue and 3) Make a Difference in their community and world.

What happens at the Upper Room?
The Upper Room schedules regular events from a variety of musical genres. The genres are geared toward the musical tastes of young people today. Not every event will have music that appeals to all groups. One night may involve hardcore metal and another pop or acoustic. We have even had techno nights.

Who is in charge?
The Upper Room is operated by a dedicated group of young adults and older teens who take care of booking, scheduling, band arrangements, publicity, venue upkeep, security and other multiple aspects of the venue. The venue is sponsored by Rick and Deb Sorensen and is supported by The Hope Fund. The Hope Fund is a non denominational non profit entity that exists to provide hope to those who feel disconnected, and help for the disadvantaged and disabled.

Is the Upper Room a Christian venue?
The Upper Room IS supported by a non profit fund that, although non denominational, is Christian. The sponsors and most of the ones involved in it's operation are Christian. But it is the intention of all of us that we don't create "exclusiveness", in the sense that we create any artificial walls around the place that would exclude anybody. Our purpose is to provide hope for those who feel disconnected and "put out" enough already. ...

For more info go to Upper Room FAQs and What Do We Mean By That?
I received an email from one of the key adult involved with The Upper Room a few moments ago that said, in part:
The Upper Room in Dassel has an event coming up on April 1st (THIS FRIDAY!) and we could REALLY use help getting the word out about this one. We have 4 really, really good bands playing that night. We have been working really hard to get AWESOME bands to the Upper Room. But in order to keep having high quality we really need to get the word out and get people to show up!
If you know young people, spread the word about this April 1st Event.  In any case, pray that God's Will would be done through it.  For more information about this event, contact Rick
Sorenson at 952-994-9572 or

Click the poster below to see the whole thing and pass it along!

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