Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The Lord is King; let the peoples tremble! (Psalm 99:1)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. (Proverbs 3:5)
The changes going on in our lives right now are too many to count.  I've spent the last hour or more contacting businesses (bank, credit card company, etc.) changing contact information.  Yesterday I discovered that my old email address had disappeared from the face of the earth, and because I don't have internet access in the basement we're living in right now it's not so easy to notify people about it.  I'm hoping those who get messages bounced will find the new address (steve@equalsharing.com) here or on facebook.

In my personal nature I have a deep desire to understand things, especially when it comes to relationships and even more so in connection with spiritual things.  Most of the time that's a positive quality because it has me constantly pursuing truth.  Sometimes, though, I am too much in a hurry to understand.  And, when it comes to relationships, I want to get things worked out--and soon!  When relationships are complicated, as they are during this transition time, I want to pursue resolution when others just want to wait.  And when I get a spiritual sense of direction that comes clearly for me, I want to share it and get moving with others.  But sometimes it just takes a long time.

That's why the verses above are especially precious right now.  Ultimately, God is in control.  Ultimately, I do need to trust and not get everything figured out.  I'm just one small person.  God has given me, and many others, truly extraordinary gifts, but those gifts, and the insight God gives still belong to him and need to be exercised and brought out into the open in God's time, not according to my schedule.  So, in the meantime, pray that I and others will tend to the details of life that God has given us, and allow Him to control the big picture.


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