Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep Crying

Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are?  Have you been told to keep quiet?  That is NOT God's message to you tonight.

God says, "Keep Crying!"  

That might be the simplest and best way of summarizing the parable of the "Unjust Judge" in Luke 18:1-8.  Keep crying to God!  Keep praying--day and night!  Do NOT give up or give in to "faithless fears."  God will bring his kingdom.  His ways will win.  Those who cry to Him will be with him forever.  Those who cry to Him will win (Luke 6:21b).

In the Unjust Judge story, a widow wins her case simply because she does not give up.  That Unjust Judge is nothing like God, for he has no care or love for anyone but himself.  So, if the widow prevails against the Unjust Judge, how much more can we be confident in bringing our prayers over and over again to God.

Jesus says this to you tonight: God WILL give what is right.  And what is right will come quickly, swiftly, without any hesitation.  For the answer to your cry comes from the God who loves all his suffering ones--from the God who loves you  The answer comes from Jesus, who loves us enough to die and defeat death for sinners like you and me. As was true for Jesus, so will be true for those who cry out to him.  Unexpectedly, surprisingly, love and life will win.

So pray, my friends, pray and pray again -- and pray especially with and for those who, like the widow, are the most desperate, the most helpless, the most in need.  Keep praying with sighs and cries too deep for words.  In Jesus' name, the Holy Spirit will help you.  And, suddenly, God's good answer will come.