Friday, October 8, 2010

As If

I believe God wants us to act "as if" his promises were true.  God's promises are always true, but when we have trouble trusting, God calls us to step out in faith according to his Word anyway, as if we were sure.

An example of this is found in Luke 17:11-19.  Ten men with a dread disease called out for Jesus to heal them.  They already have some faith.  They have heard previously that Jesus could provide miraculous cleansing of physical sickness.  Jesus response is that they should go and act as if they were already healed.

Lord, give us that kind of faith.  Let us always act as if your promises are coming true.  Because, truthfully, they are.  

Spend some time (5 minutes) reading God's Word today--I'd suggest one of the gospels or another part of the New Testament.  Thank about what you read and let the Words of God speak to your heart.  What promises of God through Jesus Christ do you read?  What would it mean to act "as if" they were true?  Pray about it, talk with a Christian friend, and then step out in faith. Praise God out loud. If you don't want to do that when others are around don't worry about it, just praise and thank the Lord. Fill the air with good.

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