Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Mother the Church

How was your mother's day? As I've said many time, I'm so thankful for my parents. We were able to see mom for a bit last evening, and that was good.

For many, however, mothers' day is bittersweet. Some families can't get together. Many people have lost their mothers. And unless I die first, or the Lord returns beforehand, Mothers' Day will bring sorrow for me too.

But, because of God's wonderful grace, we have a forever "mother"! Our natural mothers are very important to us, as they should be, but the church (meaning the big "family" of those who are spiritually connected to Christ) is our mother too. The church is the "bride of Christ" and through this spiritual family we have the opportunity to be born again.

I hope each of us recognizes how much our Lord cares about the relationships we have with one another in the church. God is in the relationship business. So, just as it's good to honor moms and pray for moms, it's good to honor and pray for our various churches, and to do what we can for their good, even when the relationships are complicated.

This was one of the themes of my sermon from yesterday, entitled "Better Together." You can listen to it by clicking here. You can read the scriptures by clicking here if you like.

Now that summer is almost here, and the temptation to scatter and go it alone is even stronger, I hope we will all recognize how important it is to continue to be here, with the church family, as often as we can. When we are together, joy and love will grow when we forgive and care like Jesus. Let us know how we can help by calling the church office or my cell phone anytime.

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