Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pushed By God

This morning we heard from Dan Lemke, a member of the Gideons, an organization of businessmen and professionals dedicated to Bible distribution. Dan shared his faith story, which, with a song (led our worship band "Proclaim") and today's sermon (based partly on John 2:13-22)--total about a half hour of today's 11:00 worship--can be heard by clicking here. (The beginning of Dan's testimony was cut off the recording, sorry). To get a preview of today's topic read The Zeal of the Cross and Your Neighbor's Best Life Now.

God is calling men and women to be busy doing his work. God's free, unconditional, healing, forgiving love pushes us to action.
  • God pushes us to deeper love and more consistent care for our nearest neighbors--our families. In the church we help one another learn how to better love our husbands and wives and care for our children. God calls us to be responsible stewards of our finances (a class on this begins at our church tomorrow evening.)
  • God also pushes us out into the world. Some, like Dan Lemke, serve as Gideons. Some make quilts. Some distribute quilts and help those in need through participation with groups like Lutheran World Relief and Minnesota Disaster Relief. Some serve as missionaries and other full time Christian service. Many of us will be active in local service opportunities, praying and sharing and actively caring for neighbors in need.
None of us is called to do everything, but all of us are called, as long as strength and health persist, to be busy about the Lord's Work. We who have come to trust in our Lord, because of his great love for us, we're not to be idle.

If you don't know how God is calling you, let us know. We won't push you. But God--yes--God will.

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