Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Question!

"Why do we need to be quiet before the service?"

One of our young people wrote that question on the back of the worship notes he turned in last Wednesday. I encourage young and old to ask questions and make comments, give feedback, share complaints, etc. But because we've got a "worship note" system in place for our young people to share, I tend to get more from them. Some other questions and comments that came in from our youth this week were...
  • How does God hear every prayer when there's like a trillion?
  • I think we should have Sunday worship in the afternoon because I don't like getting up early on weekends.
  • What is "zeal"?
  • Has anyone found the slate where the ten commandments were written?
  • and a few more less serious comments and questions...
I try to answer each question and respond to each comment individually... I write notes to the kids and try to get my answers back to them promptly. Right now, I'm way behind, but I thought the first one I that came across my desk this week was especially pertinent.

"Why do we need to be quiet before the service?"

That question was asked in connection with a Wednesday evening worship in Lent. During the Lent season, which is not observed by every church or denomination, I have been reminding our Wednesday crowd to keep their voices down in the moments just before worship. Lent, and the upcoming Holy Week, are traditionally quieter times in church.

Why do I remind people of this? Mostly, I do it out of respect for those who appreciate a quiet and reverent atmosphere to prepare for worship. It is good, however, for chatty people to take some quiet time. Sometimes we get so busy with our other relationships that we don't allow God to make a difference deep in our hearts.

When you come to church on during Lent or Holy Week, or any time, do your best to be friendly, but also remember to respect those who want a little quiet before church. Take a few moments to read the scriptures, to pray, and to ask the Lord to speak to you in your heart.

But. if you're one of those who is accustomed to quiet, please don't be offended when others value that time for building the loving relationships that are so important to God.

See you in church!

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