Monday, September 1, 2008

Not Typical Kids

The following is by Jaynan Clark Egland, President of the Word Alone Network.


"This summer I heard a judge in family court say that children raised in a religious home are not your typical children. He added that sometimes you see in kids raised to be believers a more black and white view of the world and life. This is difficult for children of any age today because we know the world is more gray. There is uncertainty and change and one needs to be able to adapt to that.

"I am quite certain that my paraphrase of the judge's comments is very close to what was being communicated. Absolutes, certainty, distinctions and clarity of right and wrong are no longer considered healthy or preferable. One could go further to say that what the judge was communicating was that we in some way handicap our children in today's world if we teach them such beliefs and convictions, and life will be more difficult for those who are raised in such a manner. (I would have to agree with his prediction, yet difficulty for faithful followers should never be a surprise.)

"Who knows all the factors that have played into the re-creation of the world into the gray one in which we all now find ourselves? This groaning, changing world and reconfigured society with revised values, ethics, families, education and order is 'progressing' to such a degree, and with such an alarming pace, that it seems to be meandering and spinning out of control. (See for example the Barna report, Young Adults and Liberals Struggle with Morality.) More and more people are heard murmuring utterances that are nearing despair as the economy falters and the high of their day is the price at the pump.

"What is going on? Is it all a result of the Enlightenment and people getting so enamored with themselves they outgrew God? Or perhaps the seeds of the 1960's truly took root and the harvest is coming in? Maybe all the efforts directed toward the pursuit of equality and justice with the added benefit of life, liberty and happiness has functioned to set us all in a tailspin that now resembles the circling, spiraling flow of an unholy flush of our basic values and beliefs. Perhaps we have in effect--with all our good intentions of honoring the individual, upholding personal rights above community, teaching self-actualization, building up false self-esteem and advocating for everyone's voice to have equal weight and a fair hearing--'paved the road to hell.' The old adage did point out the inevitable destination in spite of all our individual good intentions. The road to hell is apparently not a yellow brick road but paved in gray."

You can read the rest of Jaynan's article by clicking here.

I think Jaynan says it very well. When we raise kids, teaching them right and wrong and loving them well, they aren't typical at all. But I want all of our kids to know the Lord, his love and his leading.

What do you think?

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