Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Called to Write?

There's a lot I could be writing about today. Many needs and situations have arisen that cause me to pray and seek God's guidance in God's Word. It seems a larger number of people than usual are coming forward with illnesses and troubles.

Tonight, however, there are important events involving our youth and their families, and these things require preparation. So I won't be writing much. This makes me wonder if there are more people who would like to share in this writing experiment. Two people made suggestions yesterday, and I tried to answer them briefly, but I was wondering if there are people from our church or among my friends and acquaintences who would like to submit their thoughts for this blog.

You could submit something to me and I could post it. Of course, I will maintain editorial rights, but I would not make changes to what you submit unless you agree to them. Also, I am willing to put things up from "anonymous" writers as long as we can be in conversation with each other. Perhaps a staff member or member of our church would like to share something. Perhaps someone a friend or family member would like to submit something.

Send me a note or make a comment and let me know. I wrote some basic guidelines about the purpose of this blog in my post entitled "welcome." You won't write, of course, as pastor of this church, but from your own point of view, from your particular role or position in the church, in your family, in the society, or from your work.

Are you called to write?

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