Monday, September 22, 2008

Made for Work

The bulletin cover picture for this coming Sunday shows a man bringing in a harvest. It looks like hard work! But look at the results!

Example #1: Most of those who came to my my adult class yesterday were members of the MN Teen Challenge* choir. They are looking forward to how God will be working in their lives in the months and years to come. Are we looking forward to God's work in OUR lives?

Example #2: At an evangelism event in the afternoon a pastor from New London who had served in Iraq as a chaplain talked about how he had shared the good news of Jesus by smoking an occasional cigar. He would offer one to a soldier, visit awhile and then start talking about Jesus. Several were baptized and others returned to the Lord. Are we willing to risk health and reputation for God's work?

Example #3: This morning at our church staff meeting our office manager shared an Enterprise Dispatch piece written by by Dassel Pastor Steve Olson back in 2006. Jesus wasn't the "good little rabbi" he wrote, who "played it safe." Jesus sought out the crooks in the government, drunks on the street, gluttons and all manner of sinners. Wherever there was a heart broken by sin, he was there. Pastor Steve continued:
"Do we have the guts to be a friend of sinners, like Jesus? Are we willing to let people look down on us because we run with the wrong people?"
I do not know specifically how God is calling YOU. I don't even know who you are as you read this! But God knows you and God made you, not for a life of ease, but for his work. Part of that work is done in our homes, part in our employment, part in our civic life, and part in the church. Sometimes we're called as leaders, sometimes as helpers and followers. But, unless we're severely disabled or sick or oppressed, we're not called to stand idle.

As I consider the many people who are part of our church here in Cokato, it's my guess that some would be glad to serve more fully if they could only hear God's call more clearly and "picture" how they might serve with their unique identity. As in the assigned gospel reading for yesterday, some need to be specifically invited. And those who have said "no" in the past need to have a chance to change their minds (as in the gospel for next Sunday).

Therefore, I hope you will choose to participate in the upcoming "Vision Raising" process. You can start participating now by clicking here.
*Here is the history of Teen Challenge, click the colored words to learn about it. God called David Wilkerson, Rich Scherber and others to lead and many others to participate in the work of rescuing lost souls.

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