Monday, July 14, 2008


A parent recently told a teenage son or daughter not to tell about some of the unfortunate things that happen in the family. Our family is just "different" than others, said the parent, not worse. Everyone isn't the same.

The same thing happens among nations. And in business. And, sometimes even at church. People try to say that the circumstances warrant an exception. Those in power want to keep their power, so they bend what is good and justify evil. Everything ends up in shades of grey.

But, with God, good is good. Love is love, hate is hate, and evil is evil. There is an objective standard, a standard we see as we look at Jesus, whose life shows us what "good" really is. They tried to kill good when they killed Jesus. They tried to bury truth. But resurrection came!

No matter how the powerful try to twist things, truth and love will win. Not because of some Shakespearean wisdom, but because God sees. No oppressor can keep the truth under wraps forever. In the end, in the judgment, the truth will out. And we will only find mercy at the cross.

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  1. When you grow up in that environment, you are taught to keep everything in, to deal with everything yourself, because it is no one elses business. I grew up like that. After finding Christ, I soon realized that I didn't have to carry all of that baggage around anymore. It is in the past and cannot be changed. It has made life much more meaningful and less solitary. Good topic...thanks