Friday, July 11, 2008

Discipleship Training

Nate and many of our youth are leaving early Sunday morning to go to Benton Harbor, Michigan for a YouthWorks Mission Trip. Mission Trips are a part of Discipleship Training.
  • Do you think of the church as a place where people learn to be disciples?
  • Do you know what a disciple is?
  • What's easier to understand: "confirmation" or "discipleship training"?
Nate and I use the words "Discipleship Training" for many aspects of our church's youth program.
  • Does the choice of words make a difference?
Under the "demographics" section of the YouthWorks Benton Harbor webpage, you'll find out why our youth are going to that town: Today, with few job opportunities available, nearly 40 percent of families in [Benton Harbor] live in poverty, including over half of the town’s children. This is a stark contrast to its sister city across the river, St. Joseph, where less than five percent of families live in poverty. During the past several years, the government has offered an incentive program to lure businesses back to Benton Harbor. Your ministry will help revitalize this town and encourage its struggling residents.

Thank you for supporting Jesus' disciples in training as they travel, serve, play and learn together.

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