Thursday, July 10, 2008

And the Point?

P asked, in regard to the proposed discussion of the ELCA's proposed statement on sexuality, why it is that we should bother. What's the point of the conversation?

1. Though I have personal and pastoral positions on issues such as (1) unconditional love for sinners of all kinds and (2) upholding God's created sexual standards, the way the "Big Church" deals with issues affects us in because we are part of the ELCA. Read my "Big Church" and "Bridge Inspection" posts for more on that.

2. The Bible speaks highly of Christians who "examined the scriptures every day" to see whether they were getting the right message from their church preachers and leader (Acts 17:11). We need to be discerning when we hear rumors. We need to check things out.

3. Though we feel uncomfortable with this topic, when society and families are endangered, many times through the misuse of sex, love commands us to be informed, to pray, repent, forgive, and do all we can to share unconditional love in a sometimes messy world.

4. Many folks from our church are interested in talking about this.

5. We can have influence, however small, in what the Big Church ELCA comes up with in their statement and their future policies as regards leadership and teaching.

Let me know, P, if I've stated "the point" in a helpful way.

Note added July 24, 2008: Some of my personal convictions on sexuality can be found in an Interview on Sexuality. I don't expect we'll all agree... for more on that read Fill in the ___.

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