Wednesday, March 14, 2018


It's time to get a start on taxes. Toni and I have hired Tim Robinson to prepare the forms ever since Toni began her massage therapy business out in Cokato. All I do is gather the info. Then we send it on to Tim. It's probably been about 12 years now. Tim does good work.

I just now tallied our charitable contributions. Only some of them are deductible. We give some funds directly to people who are in mission work. I'm thankful we can do that. As I've been tallying, I see there's one or two missionary types that we've gotten behind on supporting.

The Lord has taken such good care of us. Now, these days, our income exceeds our expenses. That's different than it was when we first moved to Roseville. But even when our income was low, and we needed to spend savings for month to month expenses, we've always given money away, mostly to people in ministry and churches. God is so good!

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