Thursday, March 22, 2018

Forward Forty

Earlier this week I saw this video (above) of women and men over 100 years old. They were running! Setting records for their age group!

And short track running wasn't their only accomplishment! This was a full USATF event, with world records set in longer races, the high jump and shot put. "USATF" is short for "USA Track and Field," the group that organized this indoor masters championship meet and released this statement on Saturday March 17:
"Centenarians proved reaching your athletic goals is possible at any age Saturday at the 2018 USATF Masters Indoor Championships, with four world records set by athletes 100 years or older, for a total of eight world records combined..."
That was inspiring! Not that I'm wanting to go out and run races, but I'm inspired to think about all the things I can do in the next 40 years! Heck, that's almost another adult lifetime. So much has happened since 1978. What could happen in the next 40?

I'm not much for advance planning, though, at this point, I have decided, pretty much, that I'll keep working for Metro Transit until I'm 70. I'll turn that age in 2026. If I decide to stop working then, and if I'm still in good mental and physical shape, maybe it'll be time to leap back into the pastoral saddle. Or perhaps I'll pursue that advanced degree so I can regain credibility as a Christian teacher. If I did, there's no reason, beyond health concerns, that I couldn't teach or write until I'm in my 90s or beyond. Who knows? 40 years ago I had no idea I'd be doing what I've done since then.

So the inspiration I gain from watching those elders run isn't about wanting to run races, though I'm not excluding the possibility. But it's inspiring in the sense that I can see I'm not alone in wanting to keep myself strong and flexible, as long as we can, and not give in to the idea that age means becoming less active.

In about 40 years I'll be almost 102, unless the Lord has other plans. But because I don't know what God's plan is, I'm deciding to do what I can to stay strong and healthy. I'm planning to live as if someday I'll be that age.

Will you join me? It'll be nice to have company along the way.

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