Saturday, July 2, 2016

Father (God) Knows Best

Good morning! I'm writing this from a cabin that was built many years ago on Indian Point on Big Sandy Lake. The builder was (and is) my dad's sister's husband. He, and my dad too, will be turning 90 this month!

My uncle isn't doing very well these days, he's up and around with a walker, but he doesn't say much anymore. His hearing went a long time ago and now he seems to have a rather contented form of dementia. Aunt Betty does a great job of watching over him, even bringing him up to the cabin on weekends like this.

Right now it's before 9 AM on Saturday, but I don't know when this will be published online. It's a beautiful cabin, but there isn't any internet connection. I'll throw this up online later.

I spoke with the Lord on Thursday and told Him that this vacation time was His to do with what He chose. I told him I'd trust Him to lead me in what I do, because He knows best. So far it's been really good.

Yesterday, on my first day of vacation, I went to see my mom and dad. When I was there I picked up a box of my dad's mementos -- mostly pictures from his childhood. We're hoping to put some pictures up on a big screen TV when we get together for dad's birthday on the 17th.

On the way up to Big Sandy Lake from Minneapolis, I got stuck in traffic. It took nearly an hour to drive from a few miles south of Mora through to open roads north of there. It was okay though because I've been listening with such fascination to some lectures given by Thomas F. Torrance on "The Ground and Grammar of Theology. I'll say more about that I'm sure in the days to come. (Click here for the webpage where the lectures are posted. I've got links for downloading. Let me know if you want them and I'll send them your way.)

I'm sitting here in an easy chair but I'll get up soon to help my aunt with a little project. I'll stay here at Betty and Glen's cabin at least until lunchtime. Then I'll head over to Durphee Lake where Toni, our kids and grandkids, her parents and others in her family will be for the next few days.

I had thought I'd scan a bunch of my dad's old pictures up here but I didn't bring a certain connecting cord. So, instead, I'll be out among my aunt's hostas. That's fine.


So now it's noontime. My Father did know what was best. It was much better to spend time out in the little garden. It's such a beautiful day.

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