Thursday, January 14, 2016

Six Months

I'm very weary right now and I probably shouldn't write anything but I just wanted to mark this day. 6 months ago I and my classmates at Metro Transit started "on the job." I haven't connected with some who are at a different garage, and some are going full time so I don't see them as often now so I don't know for sure if all of us are still at it, but this is the day when we were all scheduled to finish our probationary period. I made it with no negative marks on my record. I'm amazed and thankful. God is good. I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever.

Added Jan. 23 - Yesterday at Heywood Garage I met with my manager and added my signature to my probationary record. There were, indeed, no negative entries -- no sick days, no times reporting late, no days requested off, no times when I didn't report to work, no customer service complaints that were "logged or filed," no responsible accidents and no violations that were "written, filed or observ[ed]." No negative entries doesn't mean I never did anything wrong. Ask me personally if you're curious and I'll share some examples of mistakes I made.

As I've talked with other operators at the garage, I recognize how privileged I am and how much easier it was for me to maintain a clean record. I have no children at home to care for, I have no chronic health problems, I've been blessed with a reliable vehicle that gets me to and from work--not purchased but instead given as a gift to me my by late uncle David Thorson. 

So much of this success has just been received as a gift. That's one reason and I am amazed at the grace of God.

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