Friday, January 8, 2016

Overwhelmed with Wonder

Every day I'm more amazed at this new skill that's been developed in me over the last 6 months. Honestly hard to believe I can do it.
I put that on facebook last night before bed and now that I woke up for a few minutes I felt compelled to add a bit because a few people had "liked" or commented.

I don't want to take credit for what God has done in me.

Here's what I added:
I want to give this as a testimony to the grace and ability of God to work transformation in ANYONE! This is NOT anything I am personally capable of. It's a testimony to God's great work, not mine. I overuse the word "amaze" but in this case it's no exaggeration. I looked it up and see that the word has been used since the 1580s with the sense "overwhelm with wonder."

That's how I feel, especially coming north on Nicollet Avenue on 50th Avenue to downtown in the late afternoon -- weaving through traffic in and out of stops, making tight turns at 31st and Grant St., with a sample of all the world's people getting on and off, including some with special needs and others "under the influence" of this or that.

Last night I was trying to describe this to Toni and I recalled that, as she and my family know, I've never been known to be a very quick or coordinated person. For example, I've never been very good at sports and don't like quick games (like card games where you need to be highly alert).
I'm posting this tonight before the story is done with. Every day is new and I don't know if there will be success tomorrow or some accident or problem. Still, I've been preserved so far by God's Grace, and I wanted to stop and say thank you to Him in a public way now.

How do you see God working in your life? What ways has God developed skill in you? Will you give testimony too?

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