Friday, December 4, 2015

Fighting with Friendship

In this new Twin Cities life I've been privileged to get to know some men who speak Arabic and who are originally from the Middle East. I've been called "friend" by more than one of them. I stop at their downtown store almost every afternoon.

We haven't talked religion at all, but it seems to me that when we can make personal friends of people who come from Islamic dominated countries from the middle east we ought to do it. Don't shy away. The teachings of ISIS want "us" to be totally separate from "them." We can fight ISIS right here by doing all we can to meet, greet and befriend people who just might be from a Muslim background. Jesus came to bless and save all -- it's just that there's a strategic necessity right now to get to know our neighbors who may have Muslim connections. It all makes me think of John Spaulding and his "Christians Meeting Muslims" ministry. Let's share the love.

Here's a quote from the Wikipedia article on Wahhabism -- the type of Islam on which ISIS is based. "Wahhabism emphasizes... the importance of avoiding non-Islamic cultural practices and non-Muslim friendship no matter how innocent these may appear... Wahhabi scholars have warned against taking non-Muslims as friends, smiling at or wishing them well on their holidays."

So smile away friends! Reach out and fight the good fight with kindness and love.

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