Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Climate Change

from the Evangelical Environmental Network
On these warm December days, I've been interacting with some friends and acquaintances about our responsibility to care for creation and the creatures God has made. Genesis 1:28 is a good starting place for this conversation.You could also check out the verses referred to on the website of the Evangelical Environmental Network:
  • Christ died to reconcile all of creation to God (Col. 1:20).
  • All of creation belongs to Jesus (Col. 1:16; Ps. 24:1).
  • It fulfills the Great Commandments to love God and love what God loves. (It’s hard to love a child with asthma when you’re filling her lungs with pollution.)
  • Pollution hurts the poor the most, and Christians are called to care for the poor and the less powerful (Mt. 25:37-40).
It's raining outside today. The temperatures are way above normal. Weather isn't climate so that will change next week. Still, I continue to be concerned about how we human beings are treating the good creation God has given us. I'm glad there is attention being paid to ways in which we will be encouraged, in the future, to reduce our "carbon footprints," and part of the way we'll be able to do that is to utilize mass transit. (Here's a link to a Wikipedia article about the United Nations Climate Change conference that's going on right now.)

Another kind of climate change seems to be going on at the garage where I work. Today when I arrived there early this morning a new overall garage manager was there, and after my morning route I met the specific manager who is assigned to all of the probationary drivers. I think all but about 2 of the mangers at Heywood Garage have been changed. I appreciated the quick conversations with those who I met and look forward to seeing how things will go in the weeks to come as the new team is in place.

from metrotransit.org/contact-us
Today I'm doing some online study of Customer Service, using an online learning tool. I completed the first module of the course last month but now I have a particular interest in working this through since I've submitted my application for a full time position in the Metro Transit Customer Relations department. I found out recently that if I were to be offered that position, and accept it, I could do some overtime as a "miscellaneous driver." I'm glad for that because I continue to enjoy the driving and the direct interaction with bus passengers, or, as MT calls them, "customers."

In the course on Customer Service there's a lot of learning about creating a positive "climate" for customers. Beyond just getting people from one place to another, bus companies like Metro Transit want to help customers be positive about their experience, and having good interactions with drivers and other MT employees is important. The customer service department focuses on exactly that. Is this a place where we can put Christ's love into action? Pray that I'll make a good decision if I have the chance.

It's interesting to me how all this is coming together. I see that as the hand of God in my life. I don't know just how it will all turn out. So I'll keep praying and trusting and following God's lead. I'll keep stepping out boldly to witness for Jesus and care for all He has made.


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