Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moving with God

I'm starting to write this in Cokato at 5:45 on Saturday morning. I might publish this now and then add on later -- I can feel that I'm not as awake and raring to go as I thought I would be, even though it is a full hour later than when I usually get up during the week. My plan for the day was, and so far it's working out that way, that I'd just wake up whenever I did without an alarm and then stay up until I wanted to. Then I'll enjoy the luxury of going back to bed.

Life sure had changed, in a really good way, since my last Sunday at Crossroads (on June 7). Ali, Mark, Tom, Changeu, Ron, Andy, Joe and I started our bus operator training the next day. All 8 of us passed our tests and are working our split shifts, driving during morning and evening rush hours. I've been staying at mom and dad's and Toni has been transitioning her business too.

This week we accepted an offer on our house and signed the purchase agreement. This coming week the house will be inspected. If that goes well, there are a few other details (including an appraisal) to be done and we'll close -- in early September. That means we'll need to have another place to live by September 1.

Last night Toni and I sent in a rental application for a house. The house we're considering is too big, and the monthly rent is too much for us to pay -- so we are going to be on the lookout for others to share the house with us. It's a split level home with a door between the levels. We would need to share the kitchen and laundry with the others, plus, of course, the yard and some storage areas. Both Toni and I look on that as a positive. We have been the most invigorated and happy when we're connected with others instead of completely independent.
If you know of folks who could help pay rent and who would enjoy living in a house instead of an apartment (probably in the Roseville area or nearby), let's connect!

The place we're looking at is at the corner of County Road D and Evelyn Street in Roseville, close to Northwestern ("the University of Northwestern") and Bethel University.

Message us or email or call with questions. And pray that we'll be open to just what the Lord wants to do with our living situation. Thanks!
By the time Toni and I are moved to whatever place the Lord provides I'll have worked for Metro Transit for almost the required 90 days that it takes to qualify for health insurance through that employer. We've been paying for our own since 2011 so that will be a help financially. Because I'm working for them just part time, I'll need to pay part of that cost. It will amount to less than half, however, of what we're paying now.

This week I received an unexpected email from someone who stumbled upon this blog. He invited Toni and I to come to northeast Minneapolis to look at a place he has for rent. Toni and I decided that the place he has is smaller than what we're looking for, but the connection that the Lord provided with this man of deep Christian faith may lead to some kind of ministry opportunity. We'll see.

It's time now to go back to bed. Perhaps I'll write more later. One thing I know I need to do sometime soon is to update my main website and some other aspects of my online presence to reflect the new reality of my life.

Much love to you all.

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