Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Releasing with Prayer

Early this morning at prayer Jo Saxton was leading as we prayed around three topics that came out of First Corinthians 13:8--14:5. Love, spiritual gifts that strengthen the church, and, from verse 13:11, "when I grew up, I put away childish things." And then, tonight at prayer, I again was led to those verses and, specifically, to the need to put things away.

When I've had time during this week I've been sorting through some desktop papers, taking action on some, filing a few, putting more in recycling and my "slow to throw" box. In the midst of this I've been writing a lot of emails, texts and making phone calls too, all meant to help with the transition that we're going through at Crossroads and that Toni and I are going through in our own lives. This week and last I've been especially busy sending notes and having conversations with our Board of Directors, various ministry partners and potential guest speakers and to some families, not to mention personal and family communication also focused on transition. There's much more yet to do in all of these areas.

My prayer now is that I would be open to the Lord's wisdom to know which pieces of work I'm meant to do, and which I should just leave undone for now. As Jo introduced our morning prayer, she encouraged us to think about those things that need to be "put away" as we transition, so that the future God has for us isn't too cluttered with the past. I also thought about how I don't want to clutter other people's paths. Sometimes it's best to let go and just get out of the way. So I pray for the wisdom I need.

Last night we had our final meeting of the current Crossroads Board of Directors. This coming Sunday those present will elect new board members -- 5 of 7 are ending their service on the board. 3 board members terms are expiring and 2 are sensing a call to move to other service, either here at Crossroads or elsewhere. Next Monday the new board will meet with the current board members for a transition. They will need to put some things away too--meaning releasing their responsibilities to others. I'm thankful that they are intending to do so wisely, with an intent to help the new board members. 

For both me and the current board, the call is to pray for the same wisdom: assisting as God leads but then letting go--letting go especially of the decisions that our successors make in this place.

There is a need to help, but there is also a need to let go. Prayer is the way to do both.


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