Monday, November 10, 2014

To God Be the Glory (testimonies)

The following video is from the last Sunday of the Community Builders month that we shared at Crossroads. To God be the glory great things He has done. (Posting now because we have permission from all the participants.)

Yesterday we were blessed with testimonies too --

Here are two that came via social media (facebook)

This one is thanks to God for prayer ministry at the Alliance of Renewal Churches Gathering from someone who has suffered from fibromyalgia:
...thank you for your prayers. [Spouse] and I had a great day. We walked portion of the Nicollet Mall. And we walked to the Mississippi River. In total miles we walked was 2.25 miles. I had no pain at all today. I haven't taken a pain pill either. This has been the most relaxed day I have experience[d] since 3 years ago. When my life changed. Thank you once more. God is good!
The other was shared by someone from our local church in Cokato:
I had spent many years putting on a mask pretending everything is alright especially on Sunday morning. It feels so good to be real and to allow myself to receive instead of only wanting to give. Thank you Jesus for showing me your love this morning through the hugs, the prayers, the concern [for] how I am feeling, the many offers to give me a ride, the use of a battery charger, and the use of a car and a computer while ours is down. I am so blessed God led me [___] to be part of such a wonderful church family.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God! When we step out in faith we will be blessed to have a part in what God is going in the world today!

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  1. yes and ameN for glory to God here too among us from Finland through our life with the HOly Spirits quard and be victorious for Jesus blood in confesssing only his blood to be saved by the HOly Spirit in enjoy with heaven to move and falling on us in Christ,thanks and BLESS,KEIJO SWEDEN