Saturday, November 15, 2014

Live from Love, Joy and Rest

From our son Dan's facebook page on Nov. 13 -

As the world works, we are generally motivated in life by fear, shame, or jealousy. Obligation and the desire to perform for the opinions of others drives us to become disciplined, happy, or loving. This becomes such a normal way to operate that it is difficult to navigate life when you realize the freedom you actually have. When you realize that the opinions of others don't really matter and that it is more important how you function on the inside then on the outside.

Jesus set us free so that we would live from love, joy, and rest. Rather than being motivated by fear of doing something wrong, we need to learn how to make choices out of a desire for goodness. This freedom can be so different than what we are used to, that for a while you feel helpless and even unable to do what you know you should.

Choices are made powerful only when multiple options are available; and our hearts are designed to relate with both God and people in a way that is motivated by joy and the desire for connection. Making choices because you want to is way different then if you feel like you have to.

See also "Love Does Not Envy" on Dan's blog.

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