Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Way of Kings

“We follow the codes not because they bring gain, but because we loathe the people we would otherwise become.” in Brandon Sanderson's book The Way of Kings
My son Jon gave me the book The Way of Kings for my May. As with other good fiction, it resonates with truth. I'm only about half way through.

I feel a kinship with Dalinar, whose visions and commitment to the truth ("the codes") make others think he's out of touch with reality (re: the codes "no one ever lives like that"). And I've been inspired and challenged by the man Kaladin (another up to this point in the book an unrelated character) has become.

Both Dalinar and Kaladin face situations where "success" is not "humanly possible" but still they press on (up to this point) with something I will call "faith" because someone outside themselves strengthens them in ways they cannot understand or control. (For Dalinar it's whoever gives the visions and for Kaladin it's the windspren "Syl").

So it is with God's people in this broken world.

By the way -- The quote I put started this with isn't the quote I was thinking about when I woke this morning but it was the quote I could find online quickly that connected with "the codes".  The one I would have liked to share is the one where someone says to Dalinar that "no one lives like that," that is, following "the codes."

So many disciples of Jesus today give in to polite society and "the majority" instead of being willing to walk differently. The "churches" that we "go to" are particularly guilty of that. They do not generally challenge the evils of the status quo in an effective and consistent way.

Thank you to all of you who keep praying. Let's encourage one another so, like Dalinar and Kaladin (so far in the book) we allow ourselves to be re-animated by God.

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