Thursday, June 26, 2014

Communication is Key

The following went out to the Crossroads email list a few moments ago.  If you'd like to be added to the list let me know!  It's so great that we can stay in touch even when we're at a distance from one another.  (For those who do not have internet we're doing our best to put printed copies in our church mailboxes, and making a few available to pick up near the church building entrance.)


Good morning!  It's been so good to have a few days without more rain!  Praise the Lord!

This is just a quick note to remind you of what I believe is a special God-given set of messages that we are sharing on Sunday mornings.  The DIY series of messages from Sundays are at  "DIY" means "Do It Yourself."

If you have to miss on Sundays please
  1. Fervently pray for the people of Crossroads, the mission God has given us and your place in that mission.
  2. Let us know what you're up to (just as you would any family member) and
  3. Keep up with what the Lord is doing in our midst via our church website. 
Spending a bit of time looking around at and is a great way of keeping in touch -- something all of us need to "Do" ourselves!  What a blessing!

At those websites you'll find pictures posted from VBS last week and a few from the Franklin Avenue Mission last Saturday and the Chicago YouthWorks mission trip this week with more to come.  You'll also be encouraged to pray!

On Saturday we'll begin our 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world.  Two weeks ago we heard from Sherry Mohamed, someone who came to the light of Christ because of prayer.  That was clearly stated in her message as she said "I am an answer to prayer."  Please take time to pick up a "30 Days" prayer booklet at church if you haven't already.  Or give me a call and I'll deliver one to you.

All these things are great examples of a DIY church. These are examples of practical ways that God works in His people instead of having them just hire it out. Of course, all that God does through us happens because of what He has first done in us.  (We shared that on Sunday and will continue to do so throughout the series.)

Today Toni will be getting ready at home to host women from Crossroads.  You can still RSVP by giving Toni a call - 763-957-9296.

Let God's Word and the Holy Spirit guide you and each of us to live, not as independent individuals or independent families, but as people who are called, each of us, to do our part for the mission of God through Crossroads Community Church.

Pastor Steve


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