Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Grace of This Day

Toni and I got back into town (Cokato) about 30 minutes ago after going in to spend some time in the "Cities" today.  One of my sisters and her husband had invited us to the Theater in the Round so we went to a performance and then stayed after for a discussion with the cast and director.  Then we went up to see the home that my daughter and husband are planning to purchase and ended up going for a walk with them and my sister/brother in law at Como Park. 

During that time we got a call from my son Jon (married to Breanna) telling us that their car had been stolen and recovered, but soon after we learned that the thief (or thieves) had fled from the police in their car and that the car was "totaled."  We don't know details yet but I'm asking prayers of protection for my son and his wife and their child (to be born in August).  After our walk in the park my sister and her husband and their son brought us to a restaurant where we had dinner.  Then we drove home.

Before all that we had a good morning in the Word of God.  I was thankful for the way God worked to put a special time of worship together  Several people came forward for prayer and we heard a message on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy -- which we do by being bathed in the Word of God.  I'm thankful for those who led worship and preached today and I'm praying that we would allow God to mold the patterns of our lives according to His Word and His Spirit and NOT according to the ways of the world. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" at the end of this good day.  I am praising God for His immeasurable grace and the abundance of His love that we experienced.  I'm so thankful for the promises of God that we can all trust in no matter what happens on any given day.  Let's share all the Lord has given us, spiritually and materially, so we grow in that trust and banish fear.

Peace to you in Jesus' name.

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