Monday, April 28, 2014

3dm and North Heights

"I have staked my life on the Word of God.  I need to be convinced by Scripture when it comes to what I support and what I teach.  Like the 'popes and councils' of Martin Luther's day, pastors and councils of elders can easily fall into error.  That's why we need need to be continually corrected by the Word, centered in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.  I hope that's what will happen tonight or in the future at North Heights, among all of its people, and among all of those who have been blessed by the "network" and/or by 3dm."
I wrote that [above] earlier this morning to a friend who has invited me to be her guest (with her husband) at a meeting tonight that will be held at North Heights church.  That church's "council of elders" has decided to remove a ministry called "3dm" from their church.  Their lead pastor has resigned along with 8 other staff members (including at least 5 other ministry leaders).  This matters to me because I have worked with many of those staff members (and others who are staying at North Heights) over the past several years.

I don't know what all has come into this decision.  I would ask your prayers.  I don't like to drive all the way to the cities for evening meetings because I need to get up early the next morning for bus driving, but I may choose to do so tonight.  Please pray.

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