Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Caring About Winter

DC schools closing at 1:00 so Crossroads Youth & JAM will not be held tonight. 

Winter goes on and on.
"We rail against the weather in part because we understand that we are living in a world where the feel of sun on one’s face, the smell of damp soil, the sound of pounding waves, and the sight of a blooming hillside are truly gifts of a God who is warmth and growth and strength and beauty, and who, in bestowing such gifts on us, gives us himself."
Our daughter Naomi shared that quote from "Looking for God in a Long Winter" by Ellen Painter Dollar.  

According to the MN DNR we are now tied for tenth place of days at or below zero (in the Twin Cities)...  Tomorrow we'll move a tie for 8th place and Friday into 7th!  We may as well go for 5th!  Let's pass up the entire 20th century!!! 

As we celebrate making it through this winter, DO NOT FORGET THOSE IN NEED!  Let's care for one another, in Jesus' name.
Ranking of at or Below Temperatures in the Twin Cities
(Year listed is the winter ending year)
1981-2010 Normal: 23

Rank    Year    Total
  1    1875    68
  2    1887    58
  3    1888    57
  4    1873    56
  5    1978    53
  6    1917    51
  7    1936    50
  8    1884    49
        1965    49
10    1883    48

        1899    48
        1904    48
        1962    48
        2014    48
(2014 will reach 5th place if we get below 0 each night through Monday -- the forecast says we will.)

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